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GMAT, GRE, and SAT Consultation

Our team at Exam Hunter aims to provide the highest quality exam preparation to our students. Not only do we carefully selected high-profile coach/tutor for our students, we also thrive to keep on improving our teaching methods that could help students get the highest scores in the limited time. – Exam Hunter Team

Higher Education

In order to apply for most graduate programs such as MBA, MS,  MPhil, or PhD, one need to attain a good standardized scores – GMAT and GRE. Although some programs allow applicants to choose between GMAT and GRE,  not all of them accept both exams – usually GMAT is for business schools and GRE is for other programs such as Engineering and Math and, some people are better at one exam than the other. Not only that, both exams are considered by most test takers to be challenging and require approximately 3 months to prepare. So, applicants should decide which exam to take carefully as changing from one to another mid way, especially when the deadline is near, is not an ideal thing to do. Read more

English Proficiency Test

Both IELTS and TOEFL are scores that most universities around the world use in order to evaluate applicants English language skill. Although initially IELTS was for studying in the UK and most of commonwealth countries, such as Australia and New Zealand, it is now common that most universities around the world accept both IETLS and TOEFL. However, while they tests similar things, the exams’ structures and question types are not the same, so test takers should get accustomed to both exams before deciding which one to take. Read more

Bachelor's Degree

Don’t forget that exam score, white important, is only one of the factors  universities use in evaluating an application and high score is not a guarantee to get accepted into your desired school, so a candidate should not take other factors such as resume, essays, and other preparation lightly. – Exam Hunter Team

GMAT, GRE, and SAT Consultation

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