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เตรียมและติวสอบ TOEFL


TOEFL, similar to IELTS, is used to evaluate your English proficiency skills, namely speaking, listening, writing, and reading. In the past, it is a main requirement to apply for US universities. Today,  the use of TOELF has become wider and you can also use TOEFL to apply for universities in most English-speaking countries, including UK, or international/English programs. In contrary, IELTS is currently accepted in most US universities.

Yes, today most UK universities accept both TOEFL and IETLS.

Some people believe that TOEFL is harder than IETLS, but, from our opinion, their difficulty levels are similar, and you should choose which to take based on your compatibility with the exams and your preference.

The exam takes about 3 hours, including one 30-minutes break. Because the experimental section is present, the exact length of the exam varies.

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