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GMAT and GRE are for applying to higher education programs and are similar in their structure, they are vastly different in many areas both their structure and usage. For example, even though most business school programs accept both exams, they still prefer GMAT over GRE and many could be more compatible with one exam over the other. Factors such as your goal, your exam taking skills, and your preference, therefore, should be taken into consideration. To find out more about the comparison between the exams and find out which one is more suitable to your situation –> read more

Most people spend 3 or more months to prepare for GMAT or GRE exams. However, this number is only an estimate, and it really depends on the person and his/her verbal & quant foundation and test taking skills. 

Many consider GMAT and GRE to be similar in their difficulty level. The English sections is harder than TOEFL and IELTS, and considerably harder than TOEIC. For this reason, people should give enough time to prepare either exam. 

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